Some of my recent works:

Women’s March, January 21 2017. Austin, TX.
A day after Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration, millions of women, but also men, marched in cities across the United States, and the world, in support of an array of issues. These included reproductive rights, civil rights, immigrant rights and environmental justice, among others – all of which appeared to be under imminent threat under the new administration.

The following are some scenes from the March in Austin, TX. You can see the full gallery here: Womens’ March in Austin.


The Revolutionaries, An Untold History of Freedom
‘The Revolutionaries’ is a short film I completed in December 2012.

The film, a documentary, explores a little-known armed underground resistance that fought for Indian independence during the days of the British Raj. Emerging around the turn of the Twentieth Century, the militant Revolutionary Movement preceded the advent of Mahatma Gandhi and non-violent Satyagraha by almost two decades, and was India’s first freedom movement.